David Newbery

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David Newbery about the Internal Market and the EU energy policy at the SoU 2012

Speaker - 10 May, 9.00 – 10.40

SESSION 3 – EU Energy Policy

Panel 1 – Achieving the Internal Market

David Newbery, PhD, ScD, FBA, is Emeritus Professor of Applied Economics, University of Cambridge, a Director of the Cambridge Electricity Policy Research Group and a Research Fellow in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London. Educated at Cambridge with degrees in Mathematics and Economics, President of the European Economic Association in 1996, President-elect for the IAEE 2012, to be President in 2013. Occasional economic advisor to Ofgem, Ofwat, and ORR, former member of the Competition Commission and chairman of the Dutch Electricity Market Surveillance Committee, currently member of the academic panel of environmental economists, DEFRA, and of Ofgem’s Low Carbon Network Fund. He has recently advised DECC and the House of Commons on Electricity Market Reform, Ofgem on transmission access pricing and DG ENER on Transmission Rights.