A Dream Called Europe

ANSA and Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi – Palazzo Strozzi


Festival d’Europa Photo Gallery







ANSA in collaboration with Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi and in the framework of The State of the Union 2019 has organised an exhibition entitled ‘A Dream Called Europe’. This photo exhibition follows the success of the ‘Women on the March’ one, organised in the context of the 2016 edition of The State of the Union. This year’s topic will focus on the every-day life of migrants in Europe and the various daily challenges they have to face. Often secluded from many social aspects of our European societies, they are still an integral part of the latter and sometimes to protest against structural injustices. The exhibition promises to display all of the different facets of this complex phenomenon.


Contacts: Maurizio Lunetta, Marketing Manager, International Department, ANSA