Data Analysis on 21st-Century Democracy in Europe – GlobalStat

GlobalStat, based at the EUI’s Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, is a database of publicly available information on developments in a globalised world. Accounting for the multi-dimensional and multi-level nature of globalisation, it presents data on a wide range of topics and from a broad range of international statistical resources. As a data gateway it offers statistical information on globalisation, sustainability and human development. Focusing on the economic, environmental, political, social, societal and cultural performance of nations in this way, GlobalStat supports a ‘beyond GDP perspective’ on globalisation and ultimately aims at informing about the way human beings live, the freedoms they enjoy and the limitations they face. In close cooperation with various partners, GlobalStat has created both a data dossier and a video on the topics of The State of the Union 2019.


Data Dossier