Erasmus4ever and Erasmus4Future – Infopoint

Erasmus+ National Agencies INDIRE, INAPP and Ang – Piazza della Repubblica

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The 3 Italian Erasmus+ National Agencies, INDIRE, INAPP and ANG, offer a three days program, focusing on Erasmus+ as a life-changing experience. An Erasmus+ stand will be set in Piazza Repubblica from the 7th to the 9th of May. The infopoint will engage citizens in the opportunities of the programme and it will also be a place where various Erasmus experiences will be shared with the general public, in order to get in touch with the key themes and opportunities of Erasmus+. The programme in Piazza Repubblica foresees workshops, as well as performances and leisure activities. There will be an informal presentation of the European Community in Adult learning (EPALE), an afternoon dedicated to Language diversity – with the presentation of the projects awarded with the European Language Label – and a workshop to know eTwinning, the platform that connects teachers all over Europe and make them boost the European dimension of schools. Erasmus+ space will also host an Erasmus+ speed date, a cocktail show, traditional European popular dances, and a DJ set to close the initiative on 9th May.





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