Ideas on Democracy

This year The State of the Union has a special emphasis on 21st-Century Democracy in Europe, a topic of particular relevance in the run-up to the European elections at the end of May 2019. In light of this, a number of our conference partners have put their expertise to work in order to contribute to our Ideas on Democracy segment.

Data Analysis on Democracy in Europe – GlobalStat

GlobalStat, based at the EUI’s Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, is a database of publicly available information on developments in a globalised world. Accounting for the multi-dimensional and multi-level nature of globalisation, it presents data on a wide range of topics and from a broad range of international statistical resources.

Voting Advice Applications – euandi

euandi2019 is the Voting Advice Application built to give you the answer! It consists of 22 policy statements that you are asked to evaluate. Then, it calculates how much your preference matches with the main political parties. You can find your best party anywhere – in your country, in another EU country or all across Europe.


Polling on Democracy in Europe – YouGov

YouGov is a global public opinion and data company that allows us to explore what the world thinks. This year, as part of The State of the Union 2019, the EUI has once again teamed up with YouGov and has developed surveys using the expertise of the EUI’s academic community and the power of this polling tool to find out more about what we think about 21st-Century Democracy in Europe. View the results of the initial surveys here.