Little Fun Palace

Fabbrica Europa and EUI Engaged Academics – PARC Performing Arts Centre

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Little Fun Palace is a project which aims to improve accessibility in a range of activities, making workshops, expert discussions, and cultural activities freely available and accessible to the public. The project’s ultimate objective is to create a ‘street university’, where people of any age or background can meet and interact with a range of figures, from artists to philosophers, scientists to architects, and more. This year, Little Fun Palace will discuss the European project: are the solidarity, equality and freedom created by the EU under threat from the polarization of public opinion and the rise of nationalist movements? This edition will focus on the following themes: migration crisis, social rights, and gender equality. Little Fun Palace is a project in the framework of this year’s FABBRICA EUROPA XXVI edition Festival.

Contact: Maurizia Settembri, Fabbrica Europa and Mario Pagano, EUI Engaged Academics

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