Michel Portal and Théo Ceccaldi – Concert

Fabbrica Europa – Teatro della Pergola

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Multi-instrumentalist (clarinets, saxophones, bandoneon, etc.) and composer Michel Portal (1935) can be considered the father of the French modern jazz scene.
Classically trained, Portal gained recognition through his association with various modern and contemporary music composers. His performance as the featured soloist on Pierre Boulez’s Domaines remains a highlight of his career. However, this exceptional musician also has a serious interest in folk music and jazz. Théo Ceccaldi (1986) is a French violinist and composer. Revelation of the year (Franck Ténot prize) at Victoires de la Musique 2017, elected French Musician of 2016 and French Revelation of 2014 by Jazz Magazine, he surely figures as one of the most singular voices of the new European Jazz scene. He has been highly noticed for his collaboration with Orchestre National de Jazz (ONJ) as well as his numerous international collaborations. Over the last ten years, his thirst for new encounters and musical discoveries has led him to collaborate on a dizzying variety projects.

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