COVID-19: What the World Thinks

YouGov and The State of the Union

For the last two years YouGov has partnered with The State of the Union (SOU), providing exclusive data to reveal European citizens’ opinions on the themes of the 2018 and 2019 editions: Solidarity in Europe and 21st-Century Democracy. 

This year’s collaboration for the special online edition, Europe: Managing the COVID-19 Crisis, will give SOU participants an exclusive first look at global public opinion surveys conducted by YouGov relating to COVID-19. Selected results of these surveys are shown above.

The success of SOU and YouGov’s partnership in 2018 and 2019 led to the establishment of a larger and ongoing research project, Solidarity in Europe, between the European University Institute (EUI) and YouGov.

This project traces, for an increasing number of EU member states, what kind of Europe citizens want to live in and their thoughts on European solidarity across member states, by problem issue (unemployment to COVID-19), policy instrument (grants, loans, and insurance) and level of government (national or EU). All this with the intent to inform academics, policy makers and the broader public about the options and obstacles for leveraging solidarity in Europe, which remains in high demand but short supply. Click here to read the project’s recent findings in the latest blog post, Corona Solidarity.

YouGov is proud to serve as the data partner of the EUI for The State of the Union.


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