Edi Rama

Prime Minister, Albania

Edi Rama is Prime Minister of Albania since 2013. He entered politics in the capacity of the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, in 1998. In 2000 he became the mayor of Tirana Municipality and led the Albanian Capital for 11 years. He is also the leader of the Socialist Party of Albania since 2005. He gained power in 2013, leading a coalition of left parties to a landslide victory, on a platform named “Renaissance for Albania”. It was based on four pillars: European integration, economic revitalization, restoration of the public order and democratization of state institutions. Under his watch, Tirana experienced a total transformation, which led Rama to win the prize of “World Best Mayor” and the Time Magazine’s “European Hero Award”. In addition to politics, Rama is known for his passion for arts and sports.

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