Giacomo Calzolari

Professor of Economics, EUI

Giacomo Calzolari is Professor of Economics at the EUI and Research Fellow at the Centre for Economic Policy Research. He has published in renowned international journals including the American Economic Review, Rand Journal of Economics and the Journal of Economic Theory. He is editor of journals including the International Journal of Industrial Organization and European Economy – Banks, Regulation, and the Real Sector. He is a member of the steering committee of the European Association of Industrial Economics, the Association of Competition Economics and the Economic Advisory Group on Competition Policy of the European Commission. His current research interests include antitrust and competition policy, artificial intelligence, economics of regulation, industrial organization, banking regulation and supervision and the economics of incentives.

MULTILATERALISM: The global battle over data  – 6 MAY 202111:40-12:20 (CEST)

MULTILATERALISM: Regulating the global digital economy: What role for international cooperation?6 MAY 202119:50-20:40 (CEST)