Werner Hoyer

President, European Investment Bank

Werner Hoyer is President of the European Investment Bank. He has been a Member of the German Bundestag for 24 years. During this period, he held the position of Minister of State at the Foreign Office on two separate occasions. In addition, he held several other positions, including that of Whip and FDP Security Policy Spokesman, Deputy Chairman of the German-American Parliamentary Friendship Group, FDP Secretary General and President of the European Liberal Democratic Reform Party (ELDR).  He was appointed by the EU Member States as EIB President in January 2012, and his mandate was renewed for a second term commencing on 1 January 2018.  Dr Hoyer holds a PhD in Economics from Cologne University.

CLIMATE: Interview – 7 MAY 2021 – 11:15 – 11:55 (CEST)