Leszek Jazdzewski

Editor-in-Chief, “Liberté” and Policy Leader Fellow, School of Transnational Governance, EUI

Leszek Jazdzewski is an editor-in-chief of ”Liberté”, an activist and a public speaker. He is a Policy Fellow at the School of Transnational Government at the EUI. His work focuses on the narratives of change that could counter the rise of national populism. He is a founder of Freedom Games which with 4000 attendees and 350 speakers is the biggest intellectual event in Poland. He is a CEO of Bookme – an application for people who read. Leszek was a Europe’s Futures, Non-Resident Fellow at the Institute of Human Sciences in Vienna (IWM), a member of the Council of European Forum for New Ideas, a Marshall Memorial Fellow and a Young Leaders for Europe Bertelsmann Stiftung Fellow.

FRINGE EVENT: ‘Please unmute yourself’ – How to amplify European voices? – 6 MAY 2021 – 20:45-21:25 (CEST)