Peter Gumbel

Editorial Director at the McKinsey Global Institute

Peter Gumbel is Editorial Director at the McKinsey Global Institute, the business and economics research arm of McKinsey & Company. He works closely with MGI’s directors and senior fellows to develop, write, and publish comprehensive fact-based reports on global topics ranging from the future of work and the evolving social contract to climate risk. He joined McKinsey in 2015 after a long career as a journalist and editor for US publications. He served as a correspondent for the Wall Street Journal in New York, Moscow, Paris, Berlin, and Los Angeles, before moving back to Paris to work for Time and Fortune. He has written five books including a best-selling critique of French education. His most recent essay, “Citizens of Everywhere”, is a personal memoir about closing an 80-year cycle of history by acquiring German citizenship in the aftermath of the Brexit referendum.

FRINGE EVENTThe social contract in Europe after the pandemic, will the pendulum swing back? – 6 May 2021 – 16:00 (CEST)