Hieu T. Nguyen

Hieu has a background in business. His interest includes the relationship between institution quality and economic performance, inequality, and innovation. He experienced in conducting both quantitative and qualitative research. Some of his work include: the corruption – innovation nexus, the developmental state model in Korea, intellectual property rights and economic development, etc. In addition, Hieu is also a part of various activities, most of them relating to the education field for the youth. He is the founder of Hue Summer Pre-Undergraduate School (HSPS), and a mentor of Headway Program 2021 in the course of Inequality.

There have been numerous ideas on big techs, both negative and positive ones. Regardless of that, we cannot deny that big techs own great capacity to produce future technology and inspire and well as determine the trends of the global digital economy. However, we can hardly find any tech giants in Europe, which limits the roles of Europe within the global digital economy from the supply side but rather the consumption and regulation side. Amid this pandemic with a good opportunity for tech companies to get a boost, is it the time for Europe to have its own tech giants?

GLOBAL ECONOMY“Is Europe Falling Behind in the Global Digital Economy?” – 7 MAY 2021 – 16:15-17:05 (CEST)