Zakaria Al Shmaly

Born and raised in Syria, he studied Interior Architecture (Aleppo) and Governance (Freiburg) and has worked as a humanitarian aid worker in Turkey and Iraq. He is currently a Schuman trainee at the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET). His research interests are EU foreign policy, inter-institutional agreements, and digital governance.

We live in a time when data means power. Apple’s recent software update (which asks users for consent to be tracked) arguably achieved more in the field of data protection than years of government action to regulate the digital advertisement market. Australia’s stand-off with Facebook on news distribution also showed the efficiency of big tech and ineffectiveness of unilateral national regulations. As a new Prof at the STG, which transnational platforms/instruments do you think can allow states to regulate these global entities? or is it time for citizens to start lobbying Facebook and apple instead of states?

GLOBAL ECONOMY“Is Europe Falling Behind in the Global Digital Economy?” – 7 MAY 2021 – 16:15-17:05 (CEST)