Lídia Pereira

President, Youth of the European People’s Party


Lídia Pereira was born and raised in Coimbra, Portugal. She graduated from the University of Coimbra in Economics and holds a Master degree in European Economic Studies from the College of Europe (Bruges, Belgium). During her academic studies, Lídia had the opportunity to take part in the Erasmus programme, studying in Prague (Czech Republic) for one semester. At the age of 19, she became politically active in Juventude Social Democrata (JSD), the youth organisation of the Partido Social Democrata (PSD). Lidia started as a member of JSD in her hometown (Coimbra) and elected JSD’s Vice President at the regional level soon after. In May 2016, Lidia was elected International Secretary of JSD’s Board (2016-2018). She previously served as YEPP Vice President. After a traineeship at the European Investment Bank (Luxembourg), Lidia became a consultant in the financial sector. In November 2018, she became the first female President of YEPP. In March 2019, Lidia was announced as the second candidate in the PSD’s list for the European Elections.