For the tenth edition of The State of the Union, the Scientific Committee is designing a comprehensive programme under the overarching theme of Europe and the World which will consider the EU’s threefold role as regulator, negotiator and actor in examining the following topics:

  • AI: the promise and challenges of artificial intelligence;
  • Climate: climate governance and the path forward post-Paris agreement;
  • Competition: extraterritoriality and the challenges of global competition;
  • Currency: EU institutions and promoting the international role of the euro;
  • Defence: European initiatives and the common EU security policy;
  • Development: Africa and the EU role in international development;
  • Digital sovereignty: the EU in the world of big data, privacy and cybersecurity;
  • Environment: COP26: the last chance for climate and the role of the EU;
  • Finance: the EU role on regulating international banking and global financial safety nets;
  • Health: the EU as facilitator in health globally;
  • International Relations: shifting geopolitics;
  • Migration: EU role in the governance of global and regional migration flows;
  • Peace: maintaining peace in the broader region and beyond;
  • Taxation: fair international rules for corporate and personal taxation;
  • Trade: trade wars and the reshaping of the multilateral trade framework.

The full programme for The State of the Union 2020 will be published here in the New Year.