#SOU4YOU – Bringing The State of the Union Closer to Citizens

For the first time in its history, this year’s edition of The State of the Union will host an “event within the event” co-funded by the European Parliament: #SOU4YOU – Bringing the State of the Union Closer to Citizens, to honor Europe Day, held every year to celebrate peace and unity in Europe.

A spectacular show with music, theatre and debate will take place on 8th of May 2021 on the ancient steps and stage of the Roman Theatre, in the charming setting of the Archaeological Area of Fiesole.

This not-for profit in-person gathering will be organised in full compliance with COVID-19 security protocol, thanks to the vast area offered by the Comune di Fiesole. An audience of 500 people – young people, students, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and representatives of minority groups – will directly engage with the programme. Thousands of European citizens will join the event through the live stream to participate in this exciting experience.

#SOU4YOU aims to broaden the outreach of a programme whose usual audience is academia and policymakers by making it accessible to young people (aged 15-29) and other citizens, who are often excluded from the policymaking process. The spirit guiding the event is a strong civil society engagement and a promotion of participation in the democratic and decision-making process – in particular with reference to European institutions.

Reflecting the overarching theme of the tenth anniversary of The State of the Union, “Europe in a Changing World”, the programme of #SOU4YOU will stimulate conversation and debate on the main conference topics from a new perspective.






#SOU4YOU aims at creatively engaging young people, CSOs and minority representatives on the big questions facing Europe to make sure the wider public feels part of the debate.

The event will celebrate inclusion and diversity through several formats. Musical and theatrical moments will emphasise the link between the arts and politics. Talks will be led on current challenges in order to share points of view on highly political topics – usually discussed far away from the grassroots. Likewise, interviews and Q&A sessions will shed light on different perspectives on controversial matters and try to find solutions to public problems. Finally, quizzes, competitions, and awards will complete the puzzle.

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