Territorial Processes and Community Participation: the Democratic Lesson of the European Landscape Convention

University of Florence and UNISCAPE – Sala Rossa, Villa Ruspoli

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The European Landscape Convention is an international normative document of great significance, as it has allowed to transform the notion of landscape and to bring it closer to the concept of the territory as a whole. The starting point of this change represents the achieved awareness of the landscape as a European heritage and a cultural, environmental, social and economic resource that contributes to the well-being and satisfaction of human beings and to the consolidation of the European identity.
Representing an important element of the quality of life of populations, the European Convention has established the widest possible participation in its management, setting out rights and responsibilities of public authorities and of each individual. The forms of participation range from protection actions to a more specific planning activities and are articulated in procedures that involve all interested parties, public and private, in the achievement of the quality of the landscape objectives.
The Participation in the European Landscape Convention is clearly inspired to a model of participatory democracy, because it finalizes all landscape activities to the achievement of the people’s aspirations in relation to the characteristics of their living environment, by setting up a bottom-up administrative procedure for the landscape protection. Such procedure should develop and emphasize from below the awareness of the value of landscape and its role as a key element for individual and social well-being.

Luigi Dei, Chancellor, University of Florence

Gian Franco Cartei, University of Florence and UNISCAPE
Sasa Dobricic, University of Nova Gorica and Vicepresident, UNISCAPE
Benedetta Castiglioni, University of Padova and UNISCAPE

Margherita Azzari, SAGAS, University of Florence
Tessa Matteini, DIDA, Unifi and Director of UNISCAPE
Massimo Morisi, DSPS, University of Florence
Lorenzo Venturini, Territorial Development, Municipality of Sesto Fiorentino

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